Isnin, 8 Mac 2010

We Do Not Need YB Zul Nordin In PAS

The saga of YB Zul Nordin in PKR has just ended, or so it seems, or so it is hoped. PKR has taken the brave decision to expel Zul, at a time when the party's number in Parliament is thinning out following the 3 defections. PKR has no choice but to do what it has to do. Zul's position in PKR is not tenable. His attack and police report against YB Khalid Samad is against the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat, PKR contends. Of course there are other intra-party reasons which led to the expulsion. In order to maintain a strong relationship among parties in PR (in this case to safeguard relation with Pas), PKR, as a matter of principle, has to part with an individual ie YB Zul. Subsequent and future antics of Zul will not be the responsibility of PKR.

How do we in Pas see this episode vis-a-vis the spirit of camaraderie in PR? I personally see this action by PKR as a call for closer understanding and better working relation among the 3 parties. It is always easy to pat our backs during good times, after a victory or when the going is smooth. However when the odds are against us, the going is rough and the enemies are at the gate, we have to be serious, careful and most importantly, be prepared. At that point in time intra- and inter-party discords are just unacceptable. So I salute PKR's action in its effort to avoid Pas-PKR discord.

In return the Pas-DAP show of support for DSAI who is facing a rough time himself is again a sign of solidarity in Pakatan We should dwell in more of such acts of comradeship and I am sure the supporters and rakyat at large are with us.

All is well that ends well? Not yet! Suddenly we hear from far the willingness of Pas to absorb YB Zul into its fold if he so wish. I'm dumbstruck! How could anybody even suggested that? He was sacked for trying to ridicule a Pas member, and now we are willing to take him in. What is this? Dakwah? No. I take this as an opportunistic, unprincipled move. That is to say it nicely. Some brutal commentators will say that this is ridiculous. How can one person who has obviously created so much problems to a party, sacked and admonished, be plucked from political wilderness by a friendly organisation into its fold? Don't we have any feelings right now? Is our feeling numbed? Really, I don't believe this is happening.

Strangely the views from those in Pas that opposed such suggestion (I'm sure there are many) still counter proposed that this issue be discussed at the Central Committee. I will have to oppose that. We should not even consider discussing this shameful proposition unless we don't value anymore the friendship in Pakatan. (And I've not even touched on YB Zul's previous record in Pas...).

Hatta Ramli

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

If you dont need YB Zul, we dont need PAS either.What is so great about PAS. You people just power craze and dont care about Islam anymore.Even your Lebai Nik Aziz has lost his wisdom and you know what everytime he opens his mouth people will call that words he utter as wisdom of an idiot

izi berkata...

tanpa nama,
your comment are truly a wisdom of someone who really really really care about Islam. bravo!

go play ball with your dear YB Zul.


bat8 berkata...

tanpa nama,

Who need you? PAS dont need you. You and your party can have zul wholesomely.

Your party needs an islamist of highest pedigree as in zul to hookwink the malays that you and your party are the true defender of islam and malays.

his arrogance and pigheadedness would just blend and gell well together with your leaders to bring calamity to ur malay bretheren outside your fold.

Trust me my fren, zul is the wisest among the wisests in the world who would be able to counsel your party to oblivion.

You, Zul and your party are trinities cast in heaven.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

PAS is not what its used to be and lost touch with what they supposed to fight for in the 1st place.

The same also goes to UMNO.

Atually Zulkifli Nordin representing the real silent majority of Malays who are tired with both of UMNO and PAS.

It wont be long before a real party that represent and fight for the Malay Muslim will emerge. By then UMNO, PAS and PKR can go to hell.

Middle Level Leader berkata...

I have this sense that this "Tanpa Nama" is indeed YB Zul in disguise. Others would not have been offended by such a perfectly reasonable writing of YB Hatta. YB Hatta, I salute you for your writing does remind me of a semblance of the late Dato' Fadzil's wisdom. High time to bring back Dato' Fadzil's legacy.

bwh berkata...

Unless this numb-skull zul change his attitude, he can resume his "islamic struggle" in PR again.

Else this idiot can start knocking umeno's rotten door for sympathy back sit. Only idiot like him will say that he represents the silent majority of malays.

MyTJ berkata...

Normally a person with no name (Tanpa Nama) is a bastard... sorry to be a little harsh. Tanpa Nama, you should rejoice, there is already a party just established to really promoting, representing and fighting for Islam and malay Ketuanan (Better than islam hadhari kut..). It is headed by the an-ultra-malay-everybody-knows-him-king-of-katak. As for TITM, he was the one who delivered guilty verdict to YB Khalid, so it is obvious for him to usher YBC Zul so that he can join force to tekan sama itu YB Khalid, (since YBC Zul is the one who made police report on YB K). Ha ha ha Unity Talk... But I guess better for YBC ZUl to join the Katak United Party, headed by King Katak, who knows he could be the Junior King Katak (Raja Muda Katak lah tu).

CEO sebagai mutawif berkata...

kawe pengundi MP kuala krai!
your stand regarding MP kulim noted!
pls express your stand loud and clear to your own party presideng,timb. pres,S/U and TITM....
'the damage had been done'

SUPPORTER berkata...

Dear Dr. Hope you will contest the VP post next year. PAS desperately needs a strong leader like you. May be Mahfuz goes for DP. You, Datuk KJ, either Khalid, Hanipa or Dr Dzul go for VP. For President, may be Husam? Whatever it is, you need to be a VP to lend more credence to PAS.

me too berkata...

YB dr hatta

i agreed wt every word said by salman faris hamat

do it.

bat8 berkata...

tanpa nama

"PAS is not what its used to be and lost touch with what they supposed to fight for in the 1st place.

The same also goes to UMNO.

A now you cuba selindung dengan mengatakan UMNO pun sama. Dey..belang UMNO hang orang dah nampak la.

Now u kata Zul represent silent majority pulak? Bila kena expose lagi, u akan kata Zul mewakili umat Islam sedunia pulak! Typical UMNO mentaliti...cakap pusing2!

Since you admire zul so much and trying your best to defend him, just do the right thing....bring him into UMNO. Period.

Wait! But Gerakan has asked UMNO to take him in. But your deputy president welcome zul into UMNO fold. Infact Muhyidin isyour smartest leader of all coz he recognise the true calling for zul is in UMNO.

Muhyiddin doesnt see him representing a silent majority but represent UMNO malays ( other malays excluded).Thats why he welcomes zul. Who are you in UMNO... l Believe Muhyidin more.



Cikli berkata...


we dont need zulkifli nordin, unless the lembaga disiplin pas has nothing much to do and want someone naughty and idiot enough to be brought to the disciplinary board every month.

guess what, the board fullfills zul's requirements, i.e the members are all muslims...

sorry, a bit harsh this time, but the invitation is harsher though.