Ahad, 27 April 2008

Day 1 in Parliament

The 12th general election might have been over 7 weeks ago and our elected representatives must have serviced their respective constituencies throughout that period. However it's only tomorrow that our MPs would be really inducted into the Parliamentary Lower house. The swearing in ceremony is expected to be uneventful. The only excitement would be the appointment of two deputy speakers of the house when three MPs are expected to be nominated. Going by the number of MPs in the government bench the voting would be a mere formality. However, thrill seekers would be looking closely if Dr Tan Seng Giaw from the DAP could muster more than 82 votes, assuming all opposition MPs including himself, vote for him. The unexpected could still happen if news about planned defection of BN MPs are true. Frankly I believe they would wait for a better occasion.

PAS MPs, in the spirit of camaraderie would vote for Dr Tan. More than that, we believe Dr Tan is more than qualified to co-lead the house. He has been in the august house continuously since 1982, and seniors in the house would agree that he is a gentleman friendly to everyone. Personally I trust he will be a fair chairman. So, MPs from BN can vote for him on that score.

Although the agenda for the day is generally expected to be mundane I guess the house will be packed. I'm bringing my wife along to witness the swearing-in. Parking will be a problem. Please look for a bike parked in the car-park area, and don't simply remove it as the trend now is (at least for an MP from Kedah) to come riding. The House security had a surprise the last time this MP came to Parliament.