Isnin, 8 Mac 2010

Two Eventful Years And Still Together

Today, March 8, 2010 is a day to celebrate, if not for anything else, the continuous existence of Pakatan Rakyat. Formed after the political tsunami of the 12th general election, Pakatan was (and still is) a unique coalition of contrasting parties. It was not surprising that quite a number of pro-BN political soothsayer predicted that Pakatan would not last long. The ideological differences of DAP and Pas would not allow a lasting working relation. To be fair, however, I could not recollect anyone giving a specific time when Pakatan would break up. So, may be those prediction came about as a result of anger and dejection after BN was rejected in 5 states (six if you would include Kuala Lumpur) and the loss of the two-third majority in Parliament.

Pakatan had its fair share of problems at the initial stages of establishing credible governments in Perak and Selangor (I hope this piece of information is not news to anybody lest I'd be charged of divulging party secrets). However, perseverence of our leaders and total respect of the wishes of the rakyat at the poll encouraged the 3 parties to compromise and moved forward. Despite the extra-poll loss of Perak to BN, and the just recently executed preplanned exodus of PKR lawmakers into wilderness, Pakatan withstood the odds and it looked like it is here to stay. Penang and Selangor are said to be running well economically, while Kedah and Kelantan are relatively stable and moving along healthily. Attempts at discrediting state government leaders through selective investigations by the anti-graft authority have not been successful. Instead the rakyat believed that Pakatan is being victimised by the enormous pro-BN government machinery.

The performance of the elected representatives is best assessed by the rakyat. However it is not too late to suggest that Pakatan as a group devise a reasonable method of assessment by the respective parties of their own wakil rakyat, with the view of improving the delivery of services and the effectiveness. With disparity in financial allocations it would not be feasible to compare the performance of representatives in different states but certain key performance indicators would allow a measure of success of those YBs.

While the focus is understandably on Pakatan, the BN has its fair share of controversies to keep national politics high on everyone's agenda. Pak Lah lasted a little over a year before being dishonourably dethroned and his "Islam Hadhari" legacy disappeared even faster. It is not surprising that every weaknesses of Umno now is being blamed on Pak Lah. The component members of BN have not come to term with their defeat at the poll. MIC, PPP and MCA are still nursing their wounds and no early cure is in sight. Umno pathetically pretends that it is staying above all the controversies. It is common knowledge that back-stabbings and corruption are severely endemic within the party. The 1Malaysia cry took over from Islam Hadhari but no one can say what exactly it is (except for Najib may be but he's not making others understand it easily either).

So it has been a rugged 2 years and I'm sure there are more exciting things to come for everyone. In Kelantan the battle of and for the royalty has just begun. While Nik Aziz frequent visits to the hospital don't get the coverage by the press, Johore MB's short visit is big news. It's 12 midnight so the celebration is over.

Hatta Ramli

We Do Not Need YB Zul Nordin In PAS

The saga of YB Zul Nordin in PKR has just ended, or so it seems, or so it is hoped. PKR has taken the brave decision to expel Zul, at a time when the party's number in Parliament is thinning out following the 3 defections. PKR has no choice but to do what it has to do. Zul's position in PKR is not tenable. His attack and police report against YB Khalid Samad is against the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat, PKR contends. Of course there are other intra-party reasons which led to the expulsion. In order to maintain a strong relationship among parties in PR (in this case to safeguard relation with Pas), PKR, as a matter of principle, has to part with an individual ie YB Zul. Subsequent and future antics of Zul will not be the responsibility of PKR.

How do we in Pas see this episode vis-a-vis the spirit of camaraderie in PR? I personally see this action by PKR as a call for closer understanding and better working relation among the 3 parties. It is always easy to pat our backs during good times, after a victory or when the going is smooth. However when the odds are against us, the going is rough and the enemies are at the gate, we have to be serious, careful and most importantly, be prepared. At that point in time intra- and inter-party discords are just unacceptable. So I salute PKR's action in its effort to avoid Pas-PKR discord.

In return the Pas-DAP show of support for DSAI who is facing a rough time himself is again a sign of solidarity in Pakatan We should dwell in more of such acts of comradeship and I am sure the supporters and rakyat at large are with us.

All is well that ends well? Not yet! Suddenly we hear from far the willingness of Pas to absorb YB Zul into its fold if he so wish. I'm dumbstruck! How could anybody even suggested that? He was sacked for trying to ridicule a Pas member, and now we are willing to take him in. What is this? Dakwah? No. I take this as an opportunistic, unprincipled move. That is to say it nicely. Some brutal commentators will say that this is ridiculous. How can one person who has obviously created so much problems to a party, sacked and admonished, be plucked from political wilderness by a friendly organisation into its fold? Don't we have any feelings right now? Is our feeling numbed? Really, I don't believe this is happening.

Strangely the views from those in Pas that opposed such suggestion (I'm sure there are many) still counter proposed that this issue be discussed at the Central Committee. I will have to oppose that. We should not even consider discussing this shameful proposition unless we don't value anymore the friendship in Pakatan. (And I've not even touched on YB Zul's previous record in Pas...).

Hatta Ramli

GST Perlu Di Gagalkan Sebelum Terlambat

Assalamualaikum wrt.

Saya tidak bercadang untuk memaparkan hujah-hujah mengapa Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) ini akan kita tentang habis-habisan. Ini kerana beberapa siri penerbitan, wacana dan ceramah berkenaannya telah diadakan oleh berbagai pihak bagi menjelaskan kesan dan beban ekonomi yang bakal ditanggung oleh rakyat. Saya cuma ingin mengiklankan tentang satu himpunan anjuran PROTES pada 15 hb Mac in (Isnin) bermula jam 9 pagi di hadapan bangunan Parlimen.

PROTES adalah gabungan beberapa parti politik, NGO, Kesatuan Sekerja serta individu prihatin bagi memprotes kenaikan harga barang. Sejak dibentuk pada 2006 ketika membantah kenaikan harga minyak, PROTES telah beberapa kali menganjurkan bantahan kenaikan harga barang. Kali terakhir PROTES mengadakan bantahan ialah di Stadium Kelana Jaya pada Jun 2008 yang menimbulkan sedikit kontroversi. Samada siri-siri bantahan yang dianjurkan sebelum ini berjaya atau tidak terpulanglah kepada rakyat untuk menilai.

Berbalik kepada himpunan aman 15 Mac ini, ia diadakan bertepatan dengan permulaan Sidang Dewan Rakyat Penggal Ketiga Parlimen ke12 yang mana perasmiannya akan disempurnakan oleh SPB Yang DiPertuan Agung. Rakyat akan berhimpunan sepanjang laluan ke Parlimen bagi menyedarkan pemimpin tertinggi negara dan ahli-ahli Parlimen akan bantahan rakyat terhadap cadangan mengenakan cukai yang akan membebankan rakyat teramai dan yang berpendapatan rendah.

Tidak ada memorandum yang akan disampaikan kepada mana-mana pihak. Ini kerana ADR PR akan membahaskan isu ini panjang dan luas dalam sidang kali ini. Himpunan akan bersurai setelah semua ADR dan SPB YDPA melintasi himounan dan masuk ke Parlimen.

Saudara boleh ke bagi maklumat lanjut.

Saudara-saudari dijemput menghadiri himpunan tersebut. Terima kasih. Wassalam.

Rabu, 3 Mac 2010

Menulis semula

Hampir 6 bulan saya tidak mengemaskini blog ini. Malam tadi semasa berceramah di Puchong saya ditegur oleh seorang aktivis parti kerana membiarkan laman web terbengkalai sedemikian. Setelah mendengar hujah beliau saya berjanji kepada beliau untuk mula kembali menulis, bermula malam esoknya (malam ini le).

Saya memulakan dengan mengingatkan diri sendiri bahawa menjelang 8 Mac ini genap dua tahun saya dipilih oleh pengundi Kuala Krai sebagai wakil rakyat mereka. Kesudian mereka mengundi seseorang yang asing bagi mereka ketika itu menggambarkan betapa terbukanya pemikiran mereka. Manakala kesetiaan mereka yang menyokong Pas memastikan Parti mereka menang tanpa berbalah tentang calon juga merupakan sifat berorganisasi yang tinggi.

Dalam tempoh dua tahun itu saya telah cuba menyempurnakan tugas sbg ADR, samada di Dewan atau di kawasan yang saya wakili. Dengan bantuan rakan-rakan ADUN yg begitu rapat dengan akar umbi parti dan rakyat kita dapat menyumbang ke arah kesejahteraan rakyat dan menjadi penghubung mereka dengan pihak berkuasa. Walaupun tidak dapat merungkaikan semua masalah mereka sekurang-kurangnya kami dapat bersama mereka ketika gembira dan duka, susah dan senang. Jika ada peruntukan dari mana-mana pihak kami kongsikan sesaksama mungkin.

Azam saya untuk kehadapan ini adalah mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim dengan rakyat dan membawa suara mereka ke pendengaran pihak berwajib, samada di Dewan yang mulia, pimpinan kerajaan negeri atau ke pihak berkuasa tempatan. Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas teguran dan kritikan membina yang saya terima sepajang 2 tahun berlalu. Kekurangan ini akan diperbaiki, insyaAllah. Dan bagi rakan-rakan dari luar Kuala Krai yang membantu saya dalam berbagai bentuk, hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas.

Dr Hatta Ramli