Khamis, 18 Jun 2009

10 PAS MPs want a stronger PR

(ihsan Malaysiakini)

At the Parliament lobby late afternoon today 10 PAS leaders and MPs signed a statement stating that they wanted to strengthen the ties with Pakatan and rejected any kind of corporation with with Umno-BN. The ten that signed the statement were central committee members Hatta Ramli (Kuala Krai), Dzulkifli Ahmad (Kuala Selangor), Kamaruddin Jaffar (Tumpat), Siti Mariah Mahmud (Kota Raja), Lo' Lo' Ghazali (Titiwangsa), Taib Azamuddin Taib (Baling) and Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Parit Buntar). The others - who were not in the central committee - were Siti Zailah Mohd Yusof (Rantau Panjang), Mohd Hayati Othman (Pendang) and Khalid Samad (Shah Alam).

Hatta acted as the spokesperson for the MPs and said that any push for unity government conflicted with the stand agreed upon in the muktamar. He added that they had come out with the common statement backing Nik Aziz as many people have been asking them to state their stand on the issue. He further said that it is up to Hadi and Nasharuddin to state their stand on the issue now. He also said that they have not been able to contact Nasharuddin today.

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