Selasa, 16 Jun 2009

Pas sincere? Thanks, Najib, and leave MU to us

It's not that often that you hear an Umno leader giving a good review of Pas. However, of late, we have heard nothing but flattering comments from their top leadership. I'm impressed and flattered. Our fifty odd years of perseverence in our dakwah has been fruitful. Umno has finally come to its senses. Najib could sense that Pas is sincere in wanting a unity government.

The next best course of action for Umno to demonstrate its new found realisation is to allow Pas to win Manek Urai by-election uncontested. Any contest would encourage mud-slinging, harsh character assassination, wasting of public fund, and distraction from the more important duty to tackle the economic woes of the nation. At the end of the campaign period there would surely be bad blood between the two parties, and all the good impression Umno has on Pas would evaporate. So, if Najib is equally sincere, get out of Manek Urai, and leave Manek Urai to us. After all Manek Urai has been a Pas strong-hold for a long time.

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