Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

Another term as PAS Treasurer

The PAS Central Committee meeting last Thursday, the first after the party's muktamar, decided to again appoint me as the Treasurer for another term. If I am able to complete this 09-11 term, I would have been the treasurer for 6 years. To my mind that's pretty long for any person in any post. We'll see if I can last the distance. The role as the key holder to the party coffer in the past also allowed me to take care of landed properties of the party. This role is again assigned to me this time around. I'm honored and I thank my colleagues for the appointment.

The last 2 years were uneventful, meaning no big project to show of. The Building Management Committee that I chaired did plan for an ambitious redevelopment of the Markas Tarbiyyah in Taman Melewar, which would have seen us spending about RM 4m to repair, re-do and upgrade the quarter century-old complex. It did not materialise for several reasons, including our failure to agree with the final plan and the recurring financial incapacity. The plan has been temporarily shelved, pending a revisit of the whole development idea.

Meanwhile the longstanding plan to develop a new complex for Pas, announced and launched almost 10 years ago was given a new breath of life by a committee headed by Dato' Husam, then the party's Vice President. The original idea of having the complex somewhere near Bangi (I couldn't recall why Bangi was chosen, then) was followed through. This time, the choice of Bangi gained easy acceptance due to its closeness to Putrajaya, making it easier to commute to the capital township if the need arises. It's worth noting and recalling that when Putrajaya started to take shape, Pas leaders promised to sell it off if the party gain power. I have always viewed this promise as mere rhetoric.

The project was launched by the President on May 18 in Seri Kembangan. A hefty sum of money by our standard totaling RM 526,000 were collected from well-wishers during that event and currently the fund stands at RM 1.2m. However the amount is very far off the total development budget of RM 27m, which would have covered the price of the 17-acre land, and the the construction costs of a Convention Centre and a Training-centre complex. Dato' Husam has since been reappointed the Chairman of the Complex Development Committee and I'm optimistic that his leadership would drive us to work hard to fulfil the party's dream of a new home.

Before I forget, let me paste the account details of our project: Bank: BIMB. Account Name: Tabung Pembangunan Kompleks PAS Acct No: 14023010039098. Site wakaf sale at RM 50 per sq ft was launched during the muktamar and your support is highly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me for any idea on the planning, and for fund raising. And do browse for some other details.

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Unknown berkata...

Is serving under the muqabalah gang anything to be proud of ? Your leaders especially Hadi Awang, Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Mustapha Ali and Hasan Ali are LIARS and should be purged from the Party. Do the honourable thing and resign from your post in protest of this move to bring PAS closer to UMNO. I can bet every last sen that I have that you will find donations to the party dwindling - see Manek Urai. My nonmuslim friends who have donated heavily to PAS have sworn to stop (in disgust).
If I were you I would be truly ashamed to serve under Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin. And Mustapha Ali controlling Harakah and appointed secretary general ? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Anak YB berkata...

teruskan berkhidmat kerana Allah....
tugas ini bukan untuk pemimpin atas semata-mata..terima atas amanah Allah..jangan peduli apa orang kata, selagi kita berada di pihak benar dan berpegang prinsip!