Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

Nizar's show of Defiance

Today is the first day of the 2nd session of Parliamentary meeting for 2009. It would end on June 30th. It started well with the swearing in of our new MP from Bukit Gantang, DS Nizar Jamaluddin. The opposition block demonstrated its support by banging on the table as Nizar approached the rostrum. After signing the Oath Book, Nizar muttered something to the Speaker and then led the opposition to shouts of 'hidup rakyat' and 'bubarkan DUN Perak'. Most of oppositon MPs wore either a headband or armband with "bubar DUN" written on it. The unprecedented action of the opposition MPs did not go down well with Speaker, and after some heated exchanges, the Speaker ejected Nizar and 6 other MPs, Nizar for starting the ruckus and the others for going against the dress code. A headband is a no-no in M'sian Parliament, we later learnt. Nizar must be the first MP in Malaysia to be ejected right after the oath-taking.

Some people might not agree with the action of the PR MPs. Rembau's KJ called it childish, and Min. Nazri insulted Nizar. These jokers don't matter. I think the whole event has captured the understanding of those present, and the rakyat at large (by the way, was the session shown live on RTM?). I'm still receiving SMS from party supporters who enjoyed hearing of what had happened.

Despite arguing with the Speaker, the chosen MPs relented and left. The same did not happen in the Perak DUN after Speaker Sivakumar ordered some BN ADUNs including Zambry to leave after being expelled earlier. They defied the Speaker and persisted with their recalcitrant attitude. Luckily what finally happened to Sivakumar did not recur to the Parliamentary Speaker. And Perak politics remained in shambles.

Nizar should have been given the chance in the august chamber to explain the unconstitutional coup in Perak, as he had just pledged to uphold the constitution minutes earlier. His plight must be known to everyone, especially the Speaker. Sending him off that early would only encourage Nizar and his colleagues to find another appropriate time to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. The crisis would now be shifted from the Perak DUN to the Parliament. They asked for it.

And I've been made to join Nizar for the 2 day break.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

nizar bagaikan badut. buat malu aje.

Anak YB berkata...

Biarkan tanpa nama di atas menghina Nizar atas keberanian dan ketegasan beliau..lihatlah rakyat Perak yang di hina hak mereka oleh U-BN..siapa yang lebih layak menjadi badut? Pejuang hak rakyat atau perampas kuasa????